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In this short interview, Charlie Jamieson from Jamieson Coote Bonds discusses his outlook for Australian mortgage rates, and explains the impact that the Fed is having on them. He also touches on what he expects from the RBA, and one potential driver of much tighter lending.

Key points

  • Global markets provide wholesale debt for Australian lenders, so Fed hikes have driven out-of-cycle rises in Australian mortgage rates.
  • As Fed keeps tightening, Australian mortgage rates are therefore likely to keep creeping higher, even in the face of RBA holding steady on rates.
  • Fallout from Royal Commission likely to drive material tightening of lending standards.

Further insights

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Avatar fallback

Douglas Schorr

Those the same flowers from your 2017 interview? I suggest Charlie has the route mapped but he was hedging ... indicators are US contagion will this time arrive in AU. Unlike the flowers it is going to be different, and more along the Steve Keen track.

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