Sunset Strip | Aussie market took a breather with weak China and housing data despite positive global lead. BOJ delivered a surprise stimulus kicker for global markets and tried to keep Japan on the recovery path. Domestic economy is stuck in low growth while policy offering from all sides of politics is as bad as the Australian cricket team's batting card. RBA will be forced to show leadership by reducing systematic risk to banks and delivering stimulus through currency war (i.e. rate cut). LNG has bounced over 30% in the past 2-3 weeks on better results. HGG continues its recovery after solid result last week...path back to $5. The negative performers were dominated by Gold and Iron Ore stocks...neither of those sectors look positive as the commodities are still on the slide looking for a lower equilibrium. VET took another hammering ...big fund managers still holding substantial while Future Fund has also now joined the ranks...stock to recover above $1. Trading idea of the day: (CRZ). Monday's Macro Stock Pick: Henderson Group (HGG). Chart of the day: Perpetual (PPT). (VIEW LINK)