Ron Keyhoe

I am very pleased that I receive Livewire material.

David Kane

Ben Clark encouraged us to purchase shares in Amazon some months back, what a great recommendation

James Marlay

Thanks for the feedback Ron and David

Wakefield Sykes

I very much appreciate the material, thank you

umberto pardini

Thanks for the Livewire emails. I appreciate hearing what others analysts are thinking and doing in this very volatile market. Bert


Hi James, have you got some results on the best of us ordinary investors, David E

James Marlay

Glad you enjoy the emails Umberto and Wakefield

James Marlay

Hi David, you 'ordinary' investors are a lot smarter than many give credit for and the last few years our reader survey has shown that. We published updates in April / May but I'm sure we can pull together the latest performance on the 'most tipped' stocks in the next few weeks. I've included links to the most recent posts below. Big caps: Small caps:

Jennifer Stocks

Great info!

Paul Clarkson

Personally wouldn't want anything to do with a company that doesn't pay its fair share of local taxes. So Amazon won't be part of my investments or spending. In these days of exploding government debt, investors shoulld be taking more notice of these aspects of their portfolio.