Stuart Roberts

I believe that the Life Sciences sector in Australia today is roughly where the resources sector was just prior to the Kambalda nickel discovery of 1966. After Kambalda it only took three years for a significant boom to develop which we're still talking about today - the Poseidon boom, where that nickel miner went from 80 cents to 280 dollars in just a few months. The important prerequisite for the mining boom of the late 1960s was for Australian investors to rediscover that their country was 'good' at mining. That rediscovery was prompted by Kambalda. I believe that the progress being made by many ASX-listed Life Science companies at the moment will have a similar effect on this sector in the not-too-distant future. Australia today has a robust healthcare and biotech sector with close to 100 companies publicly traded on the ASX, led by Cochlear, ResMed, CSL and Sirtex. Most companies remain relatively undiscovered by investors, but once we reach our 'Kambalda moment' I think that's going to change, and fortunes will be made. To find out more visit (VIEW LINK)


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