A. Ozaydin

I consider "FTSE China 50 Index" with more upside than "FTSE China A50 Index". I wonder if VanEck Australia has any ETF based on "FTSE China 50 Index"?

Russel Chesler

Hi A. Ozaydin. No, we do not have a FTSE China 50 ETF, and for good reason. The FTSE China 50 Index only includes Chinese companies which are listed in Hong Kong whereas the FTSE China A50 Index includes companies that are listed in mainland China. The FTSE China 50 Index does not include some of the largest Chinese companies including SAIC Motor (China’s largest automaker) and Kweichow Moutai (one of China’s most prestigious liquor brands); so the FTSE China A50 Index in our opinion provides better exposure to the Chinese equity market.