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As the cloud computing revolution rolls on, everyone running a business knows that they're now able to cut down on costs such as servers, hardware and IT support. For tech behemoths like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, the shift to the cloud means they're taking further market share from these parts of the "IT stack".

But at the smaller end of the spectrum, there is an opportunity for higher-growth companies within the cloud computing space to dominate their specific areas of expertise within the highly under-penetrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) market.

Watch the exclusive video below, an excerpt from this week's upcoming CIO profile with Munro Partners Chief Investment Officer Nick Griffin, where he discusses how these growth companies are creating their own planet-wide network effects akin to those enjoyed by the likes of Facebook and Google.

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Frank Casarotti

Great little video - thanks James.

James Marlay

Thanks Frank - Nick does a great job of explaining the concept of structural growth.