The window is closing on a rare opportunity

Livewire Exclusive

The window is closing on a rare opportunity. PM Capital will today list the Global Opportunities Fund attracting over $170 million via IPO. Paul Moore, Chairman and CIO of PM Capital says the rationale for listing is simply to provide investors with an opportunity to get offshore during a once in 10 - 20 year situation with the currency. If you look a the local market it is 70% weighted to banks and resources, opportunities that are crowded out or in the case of resources past the sweet spot. The bottom line is the risk reward in Australia for equities is pretty skinny. The currency is at elevated levels, move offshore and take advantage of better risk/reward opportunities. Livewire asked Paul how long the currency window was open and if he was concerned about tapering. There are some candid responses including the catalysts required to deploy new capital. &list=TLmvXFrijqrWhNHpBjYkk7e0891cObjKIy


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