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The investment process at Regal Funds Management allows them vary market exposure depending on the prevailing conditions. Simply put, Regal like to be ‘long’ in bull markets and ‘neutral’ or even ‘short’ in bear markets. To get an insight into how they view the current investment backdrop we asked Philip King, Chief Investment Officer at Regal, how the funds are positioned right now.

“Our long-biased funds are still long-biased. We think the market is trending higher and we’re excited about the technology sector and we’re excited about the mining sector.”

When it comes to finding ideas, Regal use a fundamental or ‘bottom-up’ process to identify stocks that look ‘cheap’. King explains that you shouldn’t get too fixated on a single valuation metric and in this short video he outlines examples of two stocks that passed the Regal filters.

Invest with Regal on the ASX

Regal is a specialist alternative investment manager. For the first time investors can get exposure to Regal’s investment capabilities via a listed investment trust on the ASX. The IPO for the Regal Investment Fund (ASX:RF1) is now open. Visit the Regal website for more information


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Mark Dawson

I love it when everyone recommends the same stock. I don't know how many analyst's have been saying buy Xero. All of them! So they must be right, lets all buy Xero shares:)

Andrew O

I like Regal funds management but not their 20% performance fees for about to list RF1 - i.e. the hurdle is RBA cash rate!! Noting their higher performance this appears to be very excessive