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For the first time, the investment capabilities of Australia’s leading alternative investment manager, Regal Funds Management, are available to all investors. The proposed listing of The Regal Investment Fund (ASX:RF1) is an opportunity to access Regal’s award-winning investment expertise and 15-year track record of managing alternative investment strategies. The vehicle... Show More

Crestone Wealth Management

After what has been a very long run of strong market returns, it is only natural that investors’ attention starts to move toward when that run might end, and as each day passes, we move closer to the end of the cycle. This kind of sentiment understandably makes investors somewhat... Show More

Etienne Alexiou

Let's first consider the broader global economic environment, in particular, the macro drivers of a “globally co-ordinated” gradual improvement in economies which are continuing to evolve. The primary driver of markets, at this point in time, is globally accommodative monetary policy, which underpins economic expansion and the rise in financial... Show More