With plenty of buzz about the FANG stocks, the next time you think of the word FANG, think about the underlying power of the business models and applying this to other stocks.

FANG, an acronym created a few years ago, is a representative of the most popular and best-performing tech stocks in recent memory. The value creation by these stocks has been truly extraordinary, in the last six months alone, these businesses have created more value than CBA in 100 years.

Many global investors are lured first to the United States in search of opportunity given it is the largest economy in the world; with around 320 million relatively wealthy citizens driving significant annual consumption. But in many ways, the US is what is and what has been.

Consider this: China already has over three times the online population of the United States. In 2016 alone, China added 43 million internet users – equivalent to the population of Argentina, or nearly double the population of Australia. McKinsey Global Institute compiled a forecast that by 2025, emerging regions are expected to be home to almost 230 companies in the Fortune Global 500, up from just 85 in 2010.

Should investors get in at any price?  I was recently interviewed by the ASX, and in this 10-minute video, discuss opportunities in the technology sector, with companies that can generate super-normal returns from their advantages in scale, data and network effects.

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