Good Morning, Trust that you had a nice weekend, with lots of sunshine, good food and quality time with family and friends… Last week was a positive week on markets with the XJO up ~ 1.8%, however, we are set for some volatility to start the week, with SPI futures down ~ 76 points. That’s not how we like to start a fresh week, right? But on markets, anything is possible…. What we are seeing right now is once again, “uncertainty”…. Sure, US interest rates were left on hold, however, investors are now “questioning” global growth and with uncertainty, comes weakness… The bad news is that last week’s rally, we see, as a “short-term” rally before another leg down and we still see the XJO at ~ 4,800, before a move up for our “xmas-rally”…….. So yes, we take one step back, to take a step forward, however, there will be a huge buying opportunity present itself in mid-October….. so get set. Dow Jones: Chart…. Broken our trend line… Warning … The SPI is down 76 points this morning