Gone are the days where “prime property” is defined by its location, says Andrew Schwartz of Qualitas. The term is now being reshaped by the nature of the cash flow stapled to it.

“It doesn’t need to be shiny glass on a Collins Street address for it to be absolute prime. I think a winning formula continues to be getting hold of long-term cash flows that out surpasses CPI, and taking advantage of the benign and decreasing discount rate, which should have a beneficial impact on the value of the property.”

In this short interview, Andrew expands on why investors need to shift their thinking when it comes to quality, and the opportunities he’s seeing in this context. 

This is the second of a series of 3 videos. In the previous video, Andrew discusses The state of play in commercial real estate. Click the 'follow' button below to be notified when the next video is published.

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