The Fed is clearly setting the stage to raise rates before the end of the year. They seem inclined to want to do that anyway. Yesterday Mr Fischer gave a fascinating dissertation to the Economic Club of New York which you can see a snippet in the report below. It's not exactly the exciting footage of a Trump/Clinton debate, but that stuff is hard to beat! In my view, Fischer is eluding to the chance that interest rates can overstay their welcome on the downside and can ultimately hurt the economy, so he and his team better start to raise them soon! If low rates result in a popping of the inflation bottle then it may then be difficult to contain in the years ahead. Inflation today in the UK hit the fastest pace in 2 years and in the US its fastest pace in 5 months. I think investors portfolio's should now be positioned for the rising inflation environment. Read more below: (VIEW LINK)

James Marlay

Good read Dan, some interesting thoughts around inflation.