The world’s most powerful central bank, the Fed, has hiked rates nine times since 2015. After a policy of providing guidance, and sticking to it, the Fed abruptly turned dovish in December. Fed policy is one of the key drivers for markets globally, particularly given the backdrop of quantitative tightening,... Show More

Marcus Padley

In December last year, I wrote an article entitled “Nothing Terribly Wrong” talking about the market fears being overdone. At the time the ASX 200 was down 12% from the top. In hindsight, a marvellous thing, I wrote it ten days before the market bottomed. The markets have bounced. Let... Show More

Chris Rands

In part one of this deep-dive, we analysed the economic impact a demographic headwind can have using Japan as a case in point. In part two, we looked at how an ageing population can impact government debt. To conclude this series, we discuss the impact demographics may have on inflation,... Show More

Expert Insights

The Fed has hiked 3 times this year and plans another four hikes by the end of next year. Their collective impact is still ‘in the post’ as hikes take time to bite. When we asked Charlie Jamieson, CIO at Jamieson Coote Bonds what he expects, he gave a sobering... Show More