Will Coronavirus collapse the Australian Property market? Martin North of Digital Finance Analytics joins the podcast to discuss what his mortgage stress consumer surveys are showing. 

Mortgage stress has jumped alarmingly this month, with 200,000 households added to the stressed list, and there are more to come (even allowing for the various stimulus packages). We’ll dive into what this means for the Australian Property market and Australian economy as a whole going forward. 

If this episode sounds of interest to you, watch in the YouTube player below or in podcast form here (links are featured at the bottom right of the player if you wish to listen on your preferred platform). Scroll below the video to view our list of topics and the timestamps to skip to them.

  • 0:10 DFA's core market model and household survey 
  • 6:10 Low Australian property clearance rates and market sales 
  • 7:46 Household financial confidence index dropped even further in all-time lows 
  • 20:10 Corporate financial confidence 21:55 Mortgage stress and household cashflows 
  • 24:56 Household mortgage stress survey 
  • 29:44 Household and geographic segments most exposed to mortgage stress 
  • 36:50 Digital Finance Analytics' estimated Australian Property outcomes in 2-3 years 
  • 40:10 Credit rationing going forward 
  • 42:10 Is political intervention to prop-up house prices something we see happening? 
  • 43:13 How long before this translates to Australian house price declines? 
  • 45:25 Will the RBA try to pump up the house price? And how? 
  • 47:10 Dividends from Australian banks being blocked 
  • 50:48 Australian government blame-shifting 
  • 52:12 Investment outlook going forward 
  • 57:30 How you can follow martin's work

Matt Daniell

I like the observation (blame shifting = the virus, and possibly China) that (in my words) the virus is a means of the government doing things it has been wanting to do for a long time but never been able to get away with. Government has always been looking for something to deny accountability for all the bad decisions it has made over the past years. Thanks for the podcast Damien.


I listened to this last week - people like Martin and Damien are rare examples of non-msm tainted thinkers and commentators...as far as property goes, name me a bubble that hasn't burst...this will be one for the ages.