Jay Soloff

With US equities soaring to record highs and many recent IPOs showing healthy gains, it's a good time to look at the next wave of buzz-worthy companies that may go public. The latest social media sensation likely to get called up is Pinterest. The content sharing site could be the next Twitter (TWTR) in terms of IPO demand and lofty valuations. Like many social media sites, Pinterest's business model is still a question mark. Another potential social media IPO is Snapchat. The video sharing app just turned down a $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook (FB), possibly to take a shot at going public. Some other potential IPOs - mobile payment company Square, digital music service Spotify, and file sharing company Dropbox. It will be interesting to see if the recent string of successful IPOs kickstarts the next wave going public.


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Hock Meng Tay

Hi Mr. Marlay Thanks for the tip. The article is still on Techcrunch.com website. Similar URL link. Not sure why the link is not working well. If readers are interested, just go to Search, and type 'Snapchat valuation'. I think there are a list of articles. Find the one written by the author named Mr. Alex Wilhelm, entitled, What are the Revenue Targets Snapchat Must Meet To Be Worth $3 Billion? Hope it helps. Hock Meng

Hock Meng Tay

Box.com could also be another potential IPO name to look out for.

Chris Titley

Look at success of freelancer!

James Marlay

I just came across this one on Dropbox, apparently it is seeking to raise $250million with a valuation of $8billion. These online utility businesses are part of most peoples vernacular these days and have become an essential part of B2B interactions.

James Marlay

Hock, the link looks like it has been redirected? I wonder if the article got pulled down.