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Glennon Capital

During this week’s results presentation WPP Group (WPP, the old STW Communications) reported on the state of the advertising market for the past year as well as expectations over the next few years. Coming from a significant media buying group it made for interesting reading. Show More

Marsico Capital Management

Regardless of Macro environment, Marsico Capital are particularly focused on franchises that could be characterized as “disrupters”. These include companies that exhibit a business model potent enough to redistribute the revenue or profit pool of an existing industry to themselves, even as other participants struggle with the classic innovator’s dilemma... Show More

Jay Soloff

Somewhat obscured behind big earnings news from Apple and Amazon, Facebook posted big numbers exceeding analyst projections on both the top and bottom lines. The company generated $2.5 billion in revenues and adjusted earnings of $0.34 per share. Analysts had projected $2.36 billion in revenue and $0.24 a share in... Show More

Jay Soloff

With US equities soaring to record highs and many recent IPOs showing healthy gains, it's a good time to look at the next wave of buzz-worthy companies that may go public. The latest social media sensation likely to get called up is Pinterest. The content sharing site could be the... Show More