Matthew  Coleman

If you’re an Australian Real Estate Investment Trust (AREIT) investor looking for reliable, stable income, you are being misled. The AREIT Index is not what you think and Goodman’s latest result shows how much you’re being led astray.Describing its mission as “logistics space for the world’s greatest ambitions”, Goodman is... Show More

Pete Morrissey

Remember Clive Dunn, star of BBC post-war sitcom Dad’s Army? His character, Lance Corporal Jones, would descend into a state of hysteria at the first mention of Hitler. “Don’t panic, don’t panic”, he would shout at his card-playing comrades, embodying the reaction he was urging them to avoid. Show More

Pete Morrissey

The Australian Real Estate Investment Trust sector’s total return of 13.2% for the 2018 financial year might get investors a little excited, especially with earnings growth of 3.4%1 over the period. Here we summarise the 3 key themes from reporting season and run through each of the main sub-sectors. Show More

Michael  Doble

Everyone shops on the Internet these days, don’t they? That’s why Armageddon looms for retailers and therefore investors in retail property. If you’re looking for a reason why the share price of Retail AREITs in the ASX 300 are down 2.3% over the last two years, there’s your answer. Show More

Mark  Mazzarella

In 1957, Australia’s first shopping centre opened at Chermside in Brisbane. Featuring 24 speciality stores and a department store, a local newspaper described it as “an island of retailing in a sea of car parking"1. Now home to over 400 retailers with a footprint the size of 21 soccer pitches,... Show More

Corrine Ng

When Australians travel we like to explore the unfamiliar. We’re quick to purchase the latest gadgets and we crave international brands. In the corporate world, many professionals consider themselves global citizens, travelling abroad for work and play. Show More

Pat Barrett

At the Bank of America Merrill Lynch AREIT conference in Sydney, panels discussed how to keep the mall relevant, the strength of the Sydney commercial market, policy impacts upon the residential sector and capital flows. Meanwhile, Myer released their revised strategy, offering insights into the department store sector. The key... Show More