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Rise of The Machines

Howard Siow

No, we’re not all going to die. Yet. Artificial Intelligence (AI), or more specifically machine learning, is hardly a new idea. So why the sudden arms race amongst investment managers to include AI in their investment decks? Show More

The Rules of Investing: The VC's perspective

Livewire Exclusive

In Livewire's final podcast for 2017, Livewire's Co-Founder and Managing Director, Tom McKay, sits down with Niki Scevak, Partner and Co-founder of Blackbird Ventures, one of Australia's most successful VC firms. With a keen interest in public markets, and the teachings of Munger and Buffett, Niki provides a unique perspective... Show More

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An investor's guide to artificial intelligence (AI)

Livewire Exclusive

At Livewire’s 2017 investor forum, artificial intelligence (AI) was pegged as the #1 theme that investors need to be aware of. We're already seeing the impacts in our day to day lives and the influence of AI is set to change whole industries and the jobs associated with them. Show More

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Investing in the future: Trends in technology

Livewire Exclusive

Attendees and digital pass subscribers were treated to a feast of information and analysis at Livewire Live this year, now it’s your turn. See three of Australia’s leading investors discuss the big issues in technology, both locally and globally in this exclusive panel session. Show More

Proof-of-the-pudding syndrome creates opportunities in Tech sector

Marc Kennis

Valuations of pre-revenue and early-stage commercialising Tech companies are typically driven by the longer term commercial potential of their technology and their near to medium term development progress. The former depends on factors such as addressable market size, growth, sector incumbents and particularly the innovative/disruptive potential of the technology being... Show More

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AI delivers Computershare efficiencies

Andrew Stanley

Shares in IT company, Computershare Limited (CPU, +4.8%), rose during the month following a positive investor briefing. Highlights of the briefing were the continued progress in CPU’s mortgage service businesses in both the US and UK, in addition to the potential for task automation. Show More

3 investing themes that could affect you

Livewire Exclusive

In this increasingly global society, major shifts overseas almost always end up impacting local investors and consumers. Whether it’s local media companies being disrupted by digital media, or local retailers being disrupted by Amazon, the message is clear; the world is shrinking, and country borders can’t protect profit margins any... Show More

Tech investment trends for 2017

Benjamin Chong

Last month I took part in a Draper Venture Network investor summit in Silicon Valley where fellow investors from around the world gathered to share observations and talk emerging trends for the year ahead. While the ongoing shift to online advertising shows no signs of slowing, thanks to the ever-increasing... Show More

The Technological Arms Race

Magellan Asset Management

I am often reminded of the sage advice from Sir John Templeton: “The four most dangerous words in investing are ‘this time it’s different’.” As investors, I think we need to question whether we are entering a new technological and machine age over the next 10-25 years that could disrupt... Show More

Weapons of Mass Disruption...Australia's got several (Part 2): BrainChip

Marc Kennis

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. That is to say, the media appear to be writing about AI on a daily basis and many companies are working to understand what AI truly is. However, today's AI is essentially a set of software-based rules, programmed by humans. It may be artificial, but... Show More

How Artificial Intelligence Produced 32% Brexit Returns

Christopher Joye

In my weekly column for The AFR I always like to engage with new investment talent, and my latest missive profiles Dr Desmond Lun, the Australian MIT PhD who is a professor of computer science at Rutgers University in the US and the manger of a systematic quant fund that... Show More

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