asset allocation

Nick Reddaway

Given the sudden volatility in global markets at the end of 2018, we felt it was important to meet with fund managers we currently invest in and seek out potential new opportunities. So we commenced 2019 with an extensive research program meeting 42 investment managers over 4 weeks in Melbourne,... Show More

Ashley O'Connor

Investors have likely heard asset allocation specialists advise increasing portfolio exposure to 'alternatives' given the current market conditions. Invesco's Alternatives Investment Strategist, Walter Davis, explores this asset class and suggests 5 alternatives to consider right now. Show More

Kej Somaia

What trends will matter for asset allocation in 2019? Our Multi-Asset Solutions team share three factors that have influenced their shorter-term and longer-term asset allocation decisions over the past year – and why they remain relevant for investors in markets ahead. Show More

Dr Jerome Lander

Yes, your investment portfolio is quite realistically stuffed. At least in terms of being best aligned with what you need or want. At the very least, the investment portfolio you’re in is almost certainly less ideal than it could be, if not imprudent for the world we live in. Show More