Australian investors

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When the US Federal Reserve (“the Fed”) Chair announced the much anticipated increase in the Federal Funds or cash rate on 15 March, she noted that the Fed intended to maintain the size of its balance sheet through this calender year. In other words the Fed would, for at least... Show More

Australian investors have responded to the seven week rally in local equities by becoming even more cautious. Results from the Australian Investors' Sentiment Survey in May, organised by Australian Investors' Association (AIA) and FNArena, suggest current levels of cautiousness haven't been seen since early 2012. To get acquainted with the... Show More

Taking guidance from our bi-monthly Australian Investors' Sentiment Survey, overall confidence isn't particularly high, but optimism (if we can call it that) has bounced from the scary, wary volatility days in January. Australian investors remain market neutral, which is probably the best way to describe the dominant general attitude. Cash... Show More

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August has been a very tough month for Australian and global investors. At the time of writing the Australian sharemarket is down over 10% for the month. It is extremely difficult to forecast where the market will go on a day to day basis as it is influenced by many... Show More