You wouldn’t expect the world’s most successful company not to be thinking seriously about what it should do next. Here are two things. First, Apple has all but abandoned the self-driving electric car project as a stand-alone piece of Apple hardware, slashing up to half the workforce, replacing the division head and cutting the budget significantly. There will also be a strategic review at the end of 2017, at which time a decision on Project Titan, as it is called, will be made. CEO Tim Cook dodged questions on the call, but an analysis of the self-driving car plan raises a long list of questions. Principal among them is this: who pays for the car? Remember, under the taxi/uber/hire car model, the car in which you ride is brought to you by the driver that pays for it. Take out the driver, and the car goes too, as we have previously noted. Second are the moves Apple is making in augmented reality. A few very well connected commentators have noted that the new iPhone 7 camera has two lenses. &feature=em-share_video_user&ab_channel=MagicLeap