Michael Frazis

It has never been less fun to win on a short. By some counts, Biogen's stock collapse marked the latest failure in over a hundred clinical trials based on the amyloid-beta (Aβ) hypothesis. Biogen deserves full credit for taking such a bold financial risk, but something has clearly gone very... Show More

Catherine Wood, CEO and CIO at ARK Investment Management (ARK), invests on the cutting edge of robotics, energy storage, next-generation internet and blockchain technology. However it is in the field of genomic sequencing that she tell us: “Something is happening that is more profound than I’ve ever experienced”. Show More

Mesoblast was sold off heavily in June following the revelation that Teva had decided to return a number of programs to Mesoblast. Stuart Roberts, Life Sciences Analyst at NDF Research, thinks the market's reaction is all wrong. "I take the view that it's great, because they can take an improved... Show More

Buy Hold Sell

There are over 150 companies listed on the ASX that fall under the Lifesciences banner. This includes medical device manufacturers, drug development companies and the emerging 'e-health' companies. However, the reality is that with the exception of a handful of names, like Cochlear and CSL Ltd, most of these stocks... Show More

Monash Investors Pty Limited

Impedimed is a medical devices company that produces electronic devices capable of measuring the level of fluid in the human body, explains Shane Fitzgerald, Principal at Monash Investors. Their primary product, L-Dex, allows for the early detection of an otherwise incurable condition called Lymphedema, which affects cancer patients after treatment.... Show More