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As we’ve reached the end of the first quarter calls in the US, we can take a snapshot of the tech sector and see what it may tell us about the future. Earnings reported by technology companies across a range of subsectors have been good. In the internet space, both... Show More

Nicholas Forsyth

Yesterday BXB fell -9.9% after reporting earnings which were basically in-line with recently downgraded guidance but the future looks uncertain, and this is clearly where the market focused. Outgoing Brambles chief executive Tom Gorman said the result was disappointing with most of the problems focused around its US business where... Show More

Change in Substantial Holdings for 15/8/2014. The two images attached show the change in substantial holdings from the last trading day. Moves of note include BlackRock initiating a 5% position in Brambles (BXB), Contango Microcap have become substantial holders in Energo Group (EGG) and UBS have become a substantial holder... Show More