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Callum Thomas

In this video I look at the latest data out of China, which shows an economic rebound gathering steam. I talk through how they got there, what's next, the implications, and risks to the outlook: Show More

Callum Thomas

Remember the old "Li Keqiang Index"? It comprised 3 data series and served as an alternative measure for economic activity vs the dubious official GDP statistics. One of those 3 is pictured below (the others are power consumption and loan growth). As highlighted in the latest edition of the Weekly... Show More

Paul Hennessy

China’s internet companies are developing cutting-edge mobile applications and leapfrogging the titans of U.S. technology in certain respects. China is no longer simply a tech copycat: Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu are playing a leading role in China’s shift to a consumption-led economy. Capital Group expects increasing amounts of mobile innovation... Show More

PM Capital

Paul Moore, Chief Investment Officer at PM CAPITAL, says if you believe current stock market action you would think we are heading for a recession. His view is that current volatility is a continuation of a ‘two steps forwards and one step back’ recovery process. “Recession concerns are being driven... Show More


CommSec Chief Economist Craig James takes a look at the economic data due out in the week ahead, including Lending Finance, the monthly inflation gauge, as well as China GDP, Retail Sales, FAI & Industrial Production MORE MARKET NEWS AT Show More

Mark Pervan Head of Commodity Research at ANZ has just returned from a China trip visiting steel mills and traders – “and the consistent view is that steel demand has peaked. Most concerns revolve around the weak real estate market…Slower than pledged infrastructure spending was also becoming a drag. Related... Show More

According to the “China Beige Book” – which is published by CBB International and modeled on the survey compiled by the Federal Reserve on the U.S. economy – “Perceptions of China may be more thoroughly divorced from facts. Global sentiment on China has veered sharply bearish… too bearish. While we... Show More