Christopher Joye

In The Australian Financial Review I return to a thesis I championed years ago---escalating geopolitical volatility as the once dominant global hegemon, America, grapples with China, its first non-democratic rival since the Soviet Union with secular uncertainty amplified by the asymmetric power afforded by the advent of cyber as the... Show More

Patrick Poke

It was a quiet week this week as Victorians enjoyed the Spring Racing Carnival. Next week promises to be anything but quiet with the much anticipated US presidential election. This time next week we'll be talking about either President-elect Trump or President-elect Clinton... A scary thought. In the meantime, Shane... Show More

Jordan Eliseo

The last minute re-opening of investigations by the FBI into the affairs of Hillary Clinton as regards her private email servers was unquestionably the key event that has swung the polls and driven gold’s turnaround in recent days. Yet both candidates support policies that would drive higher gold prices through... Show More

Livewire News

The election is less than three weeks away and it looks increasingly likely we're going to see another Clinton in the White House - see the chart from Nate Silver's For those not familiar, Nate Silver called 100% of states correctly in 2008 and 49 out of 50 in... Show More