In The Australian Financial Review I return to a thesis I championed years ago---escalating geopolitical volatility as the once dominant global hegemon, America, grapples with China, its first non-democratic rival since the Soviet Union with secular uncertainty amplified by the asymmetric power afforded by the advent of cyber as the fifth warfare domain (manifest in an explosion in cyber-espionage and cyber-conflicts)---and argue that the sequence of events leading to the election of the otherwise market- and business-friendly Donald Trump, and his subsequent decisions, imply that he may indeed be a witting Manchurian candidate, at least until this capricious character shifts allegiances in line with whatever his commercial self-interest dictates. Otherwise, thanks to all my readers for their patronage---it is truly appreciated. Excerpt enclosed: "It's a complex geo-political thriller Tom Clancy would struggle to manufacture. The CIA and NSA conclude that two Russian intelligence agencies, the FSB and GRU, have gone to extraordinary lengths to sabotage the US presidential election to tilt the probabilities in favour of their Manchurian candidate, Donald Trump" Free (VIEW LINK)