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Huge winners like Facebook don’t come along very often, and they’re incredibly difficult to identify when they do. So how can investors benefit from these big winners, minus some of the uncertainties? Bill Pridham, Co-Portfolio Manager at Ellerston Global Investments believes in the ‘selling pickaxes to gold miners’ approach. “It’s... Show More

Investors in self-managed super funds (SMSFs) don’t seem to ascribe to traditional approaches of modern portfolio theory. According to its architect, Harry Markowitz, investors can design an ‘optimal’ portfolio to maximise returns by taking on risk – and risk can be managed through diversification across asset classes. Show More

Elizabeth Moran

Shareholders and bondholders have bought the Tesla growth story. However, my column in The Australian notes that Tesla's significant debt, negative free cashflow and losses loom large. Flagged higher production of the Model 3 hasn't materialised. Where to now for investors? Show More