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Access the best of Livewire Live on line

Livewire Exclusive

If you are unable to attend the sold-out ‘Livewire Live 2017’ event next week, you will be pleased to hear that, for the first time you will now be able to watch it all via our ‘Digital Pass’. You will see the keynote speech from Hamish Douglass, the 2 panel... Show More

The future of active management

Livewire Exclusive

Chris Cuffe recently shared his views on the future of active management in this exclusive video with Livewire. Acknowledging the pressures on the industry, Chris makes the case that there will always be a role for good active managers that can generate real alpha over the long-term. Show More

Identifying low-risk, high-growth opportunities

Livewire Exclusive

In this Exclusive interview, James McDonald, CIO of Hunter Hall outlines the fund’s aggressive investment strategy: “If you are buying a lot of companies that can double over twelve months, we think will deliver superior long-term returns.” In this video, he illustrates the fund’s strategy with a diversified financials company... Show More

5 top wires last month

Alex Cowie

In case reporting season kept you busy, we've summarised five top wires in February for you. Peter Quinton’s top ten picks for 2017, our fund manager earnings results review, and Buy Hold Sell with ‘Quality stocks on sale’ all deliver useful stock ideas. On big picture thinking, we bring you... Show More