In case reporting season kept you busy, we've summarised five top wires in February for you. Peter Quinton’s top ten picks for 2017, our fund manager earnings results  review, and Buy Hold Sell  with ‘Quality stocks on sale’ all deliver useful stock ideas. On big picture thinking, we bring you Newgate discussing the US housing market recovery and our Annual Buffett letter synopsis.  We hope you enjoy.  


Peter Quinton’s top ten picks for 2017


Bell Potter’s Head of Research Services, Peter Quinton, listed his top ten preferred stocks for calendar year 2017, with a brief synopsis on each one: (VIEW LINK)



Highlights from Buffett’s 2017 letter


We’ve simmered down the annual letter from the legendary Oracle of Omaha to its key takeaways. If you only read one section, read ‘On the folly of paying with scrip’: (VIEW LINK)



5 stocks that exceeded expectations and one that bombed


Each week through reporting season, we asked a panel of contributing Buy Side Managers to pick a single   earnings result that was the standout earnings result of the week: (VIEW LINK)



One way to play the US housing recovery


Newgate Capital looks at the pent-up demand for US housing and one ASX-listed way to play the coming recovery:  (VIEW LINK)



Buy Hold Sell: Quality stocks on sale


Alex Leyland and Hugh Dive from Atlas Funds look at quality high growth stocks that have been beaten up in the recent rout of high PE names: (VIEW LINK)


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