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Marcus Padley

In December last year, I wrote an article entitled “Nothing Terribly Wrong” talking about the market fears being overdone. At the time the ASX 200 was down 12% from the top. In hindsight, a marvellous thing, I wrote it ten days before the market bottomed. The markets have bounced. Let... Show More

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Business cycles don’t typically die of old age. Often, some outside force, such as higher interest rates, snuffs out the expansion. Surely the US Federal Reserve's intent is not to bring the economic cycle to a close, but that is often the result of trying to rid the system of... Show More

Chad Slater

A little reference for all the NCAA basketball fans out there, but also an apt title for a blog looking back at the global equity rally in March. Australian investors perhaps didn't get a sense of the scale given the Australian dollars rise offset a large chunk of the move;... Show More

Fidelity International

Investors spent most of 2015 worrying about when US interest rates would rise. Now they have, the key question has changed. What we need to know now is how quickly rates will normalise, the trajectory of lift-off and where they will ultimately end up. The Federal Reserve and investment markets... Show More

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Eric Bush at Gavekal Capital gives a quick reminder that inflation expectations still remain subdued in the US. “Given the decline in commodities, perhaps it shouldn't be too surprising to see breakeven inflation rates rolling over once again”. The first below chart shows 5 year and 10 year TIPS derived... Show More

AMP Capital

Global share markets generally rose over the last week as a dovish US Federal Reserve (Fed) and solid economic data offset continuing uncertainty regarding Iraq and Ukraine. Read full weekly market update: http://www.ampcapital.com.au/article-detail?alias=/Site-Assets/Articles/Economic-Updates/2014/2014-06/20-June-2014 Show More