Gavin Wendt

The latest data shows that Chinese investors traded a record volume of commodity futures last year – another factor reinforcing the view that heavyweight investors have re-entered the commodity scene. Combined aggregate trading volume on the Shanghai Futures Exchange and the Dalian and Zhengzhou Commodity Exchanges jumped by 27% during... Show More

Tom McKay

Hedge funds' combined holdings in gold futures increased to the most bullish since January on mounting concern that conflict in the Middle East will boost crude-oil prices, slowing economic growth and stoking inflation. The net-long position rose 3.6 percent to 101,396 futures and options in the week ended Sept. 3,... Show More

James Marlay

Short selling of gold futures combined with strong US data, Chinese liquidity squeeze and Fed tapering comments have delivered the worst quarterly price performance on record for Gold. Kitco provides a good wrap of the recent slump in precious metals prices and the major contributing factors http://www.kitco.com/news/2013-06-26/KitcoNews20130626JW_pm.html Show More

James McKay

SPI futures down hard, After years of cramming liquidity into the markets, creating massive imbalances such as stock markets hitting new highs even as economic fundamentals deteriorated (Germany) or were lackluster (U.S.), junk bonds hitting all-time-record highs, and sovereign bond yields steadily falling even as the macro economics of various... Show More