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Angela Mangan

The spot gold price previously generated a technical sell signal at US$1321 on 25/8/16. This was identified as the (negative) technical turning point in the gold price. The minimum downside technical price target located at US$1265 was subsequently reached on 5/10/16 Show More

Hedley Widdup

Gold has experienced the smallest supply growth of all the major metals over the last 15-20 years, by a significant amount. At the same time, there have emerged major new customers in China, India and the Middle East. Gold tends to do well in environments of low to negative real... Show More

Contango Asset Management

As part of the recent Contango Asset Management national Investor Roadshow, Senior Portfolio Manager, Bill Laister, discusses the lithium story, a little-known company that supplies fish oil supplements to baby formula producers, and an early-stage gold developer. Click on the video player below to watch the full presentation. Show More

Daryl Wilson

We are by no means gold bugs. We don’t usually like investment opportunities that deliver no yield. But gold miners share prices have been slammed even more than physical gold, to the point where early this year they were looking very cheap. Show More

Angela Mangan

In last week's Wire, in the commodities area, the gold price was flagged as the (only) one that had the potential to generate a technical buy signal. Select gold stocks had already generated technical buy signals in a cluster in mid-September, which was a positive momentum indicator for the sector... Show More

John Robertson

Incessant cost pressures are stripping value from gold miners leaving the sector vulnerable to ongoing share price falls even if gold bullion prices do not fall any further. Between 2003 and 2012, Newmont's gold production cash cost rose by just under 14% a year. Between 1997 and late 2010, during... Show More