Full steam ahead for healthcare sector

Peter Wilmshurst
Peter Wilmshurst Templeton Global Growth Fund Ltd (ASX code:TGG)

What are the long-term secular drivers for the Healthcare sector? Ageing populations across developed markets, rising middle class demanding better healthcare facilities in the emerging markets, and key reforms in the US all imply healthcare is a positive investment area for almost every global economy we look at. The right... Show More

7 takeaways from our US road trip

Ned Bell
Ned Bell Bell Asset Management

We recently met with 170 companies as part of a research road trip that crossed the US and Europe, to test existing investment theses, and look for new opportunities and trends. One key takeaway was that we have found far more attractive opportunities in global small to midcap (SMID) companies.... Show More

Time to plan for a recession? How to position for it?

Guy Carson
Guy Carson TAMIM Asset Management

Back in 2007, a US economist called Edward E. Leemer published a paper entitled “Housing IS the business cycle”. In this paper he studied the causes of every US recession since World War 2, of which there had been 10. What he discovered was that 8 out of the 10... Show More

Global M&A looking at Australia

Livewire News
Livewire News Livewire

This Bloomberg article focuses on the growing interest in Australian companies from offshore acquirers. There was $76.1 billion of cross-border M+A last year, with health care, education and tech in focus, while Industrials and utilities are now in the cross-hairs. Goldmans is now reportedly seeking to double its principal investments:... Show More

Executive Series - AirXpanders (AXP) CEO & President, Scott Dodson

CommSec Online Stockbroker

Tom Piotrowski speaks with AirXpanders (AXP) CEO & President, Scott Dodson about the company’s performance since listing on the ASX 18 months ago & its recently received FDA approval for its AeroForm product To view more Executive Series interviews, visit: Show More

5 Interesting Microcaps & Nanocaps for 2017

Mark Tobin
Mark Tobin Independent Investment Research

As anyone who has read some of my previous articles they will note I don’t attach a buy, hold or sell recommendation to stocks. I let readers of my pieces determine that for themselves. The pieces merely state a stock looks interesting to me at least at the present moment.... Show More

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Trump: The opportunities and impact to date

Sinclair Currie
Sinclair Currie NovaPort Capital

The President-elect’s style, approach, diplomacy and agenda are not easy to pin down. One might call it pragmatic or populist. It is possible that he becomes more conventional as President than he was as a candidate, however his position as an ‘outsider’ to Washington (and even within his own party)... Show More

How to position for the great rotation

Buy Hold Sell
Buy Hold Sell Livewire

Cyclical stocks, financials, low price-to-book/price-to-earnings ‘value’ stocks, and resources have all been on a run recently. Meanwhile, high price-to-earnings growth stocks and ‘yield plays’ such as infrastructure and REITs have been sold off. The perennially popular healthcare sector has sold off more than 10% in the last three months. A... Show More

What Trump means for Australian equities

Nikko Asset Management Australia

While the United States surprised many with its choice of President, once all the uncertainty has been resolved, we expect the result will eventually be positive. Based on the key issues on which now President-elect Trump campaigned, we would expect to see: 1) tax reform, particularly reducing the corporate tax... Show More

US election to drive markets - but only in the short term

Bianca Hartge-Hazelman

Americans are heading to vote in the US elections, some like never before and some armed with placards – the result could be ugly but at least it will be entertaining. Australians meanwhile are watching on like its Cup Day as many business leaders hope that it will improve global... Show More

The new breed of global companies is creative, nimble and networked

Paul Hennessy
Paul Hennessy Capital Group

There has been a rapid shift in the makeup of global business, beyond the traditional giants. A host of new global companies – such as Google, Apple and Amazon - is rapidly emerging, often with a unique solution to a global problem. Global equity investors need to be mindful that... Show More

Sirtex's market could be about to get much bigger

Livewire Exclusive

Sirtex Medical delivered the first genuine breakthrough in the treatment of liver cancer in a generation, back in the early 2000’s. Use has now expanded to just over a thousand hospitals globally, generating A$264mil in revenue and A$54mil in NPAT in FY16. Yet the company is still only tackling a small... Show More

CSL and no growth but at any price

UBS Asset Management
UBS Asset Management Fund Manager

Our portfolios have been underweight the market's favourites over the last few years and recent 12 months in particular. These can be summarized as bond proxies, growth stocks, and gold. All have been beneficiaries of ultra low-interest rates and the more intense than ever focus on earnings certainty and incremental... Show More

Tightening the reins on healthcare expenditure

Livewire Exclusive

The budget was reasonably benign when it came to stock market impacts as the government was leading into an election. Some of those most impacted were the aged care providers such as Regis Healthcare, Estia Health and Japara Healthcare as the government looked to impose tighter funding criteria to slow... Show More

Healthcare – Navigating a currency headwind

Scott Power
Scott Power Morgans

The Australian dollar (AUD) has rallied c7% against the US dollar since the start of 2016 on a combination of uncertainty about global growth and US Federal Reserve’s about-face on targeted interest rate rises amid lower growth and inflation, helping to support the currencies of commodity-exporting nations such as Australia.... Show More

Australia’s Top 3 healthcare stocks

Intelligent Investor
Intelligent Investor Independent Financial Research

Australia’s healthcare sector is world class. Here we rank the best performers based on growth, margins, competitive advantages and more. The S&P/ASX 200 Healthcare Index has returned 247% over the past 10 years, compared to just 54% for the All Ordinaries. Healthcare beat every other sector hands down. Show More