Peters MacGregor Capital Management

Despite the common complaint that there’s too little growth, there are many companies and industries that are growing quickly. Outbound Asian (particularly Chinese) tourism is growing exponentially. Broadband usage is growing rapidly as we use more data for entertainment. Online flight and hotel bookings are also stealing market share from... Show More

Peters MacGregor Capital Management

It’s been two months since we first spoke about Liberty Broadband on Livewire and now with its share price is up nearly 40% since we purchased it during the rout in February. Charter Communications, the major investment for Liberty Broadband, has received approval to acquire Time Warner Cable, increasing... Show More

Mark Newman

The K2 International team has, over the past 12 months, released notes on various 'key areas of interest' that help the team filter the broader investment universe into an investable portfolio. The following note discusses the way in which 'traditional' media is now being absorbed and the way in which... Show More

Tom McKay

Where will the next billion internet users come from? Mashable's Taylor Casti says globally there are 2.4 billion people are Internet users, a number that is expected to grow to 2.7 billion by the end of 2013. The majority of new users will start using the net via mobile devices,... Show More