This is the question most prospective investors of our managed funds and anyone interested in small cap investing ask us. Identifying investment ideas, whether it is ASX listed companies or global companies can come about many ways. It could be we stumble upon them by trawling through all the companies... Show More


NAB is not afraid of a stoush: it has simultaneously thrown down the gauntlet to its rival commercial banks and also the big investment banks by being the first of the big four to offer ­clients direct access to ASX Bookbuild, via its online trading arm, nabtrade. Show More

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A new wall of super money is set to radically alter Australia’s investment market and returns. The Australian market is being hit by a compounding wall of superannuation money, which we think will significantly alter the outlook and composition of returns for the next decade. This has serious implications for... Show More

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Over the last few years, consensus projections for world economic growth have steadily declined while in recent months the prices of stocks have held at elevated levels and have actually risen sharply in those major economies that are undertaking QE (i.e. Germany and Japan). The growing gap between growth and... Show More