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The world’s most powerful central bank, the Fed, has hiked rates nine times since 2015. After a policy of providing guidance, and sticking to it, the Fed abruptly turned dovish in December. Fed policy is one of the key drivers for markets globally, particularly given the backdrop of quantitative tightening,... Show More

Chris Watling

The debate over whether a value or a growth style produces better long term investment returns continues, with staunch advocates on both sides. Certain high profile investors such as Warren Buffett continue to champion the Benjamin Graham school of value investing while, in contrast, recent BAML fund managers’ surveys have... Show More

One of the major contributors to the declines in equity markets in 2016 has been the sell off in banking stocks. The selling has been widespread and Australian banks have not been spared. A subdued growth environment and the prospect of exposure to bad debts in the resources industries have... Show More

Chris Watling from Longview Economics answers the question of where to and where not to invest in a bear market. His view since November has been to start raising cash. “Every 7 or 8 years cash is king. I think we are in one of those positions where you want... Show More