market trends

Schroders Australia

Institutional asset managers and retail financial planners have been providing information on their investment allocations for years. As far as we are aware there is nothing available in the stockbroker advised space to understand how broker equivalent portfolios are positioned and how they are being implemented. We can make assumptions,... Show More

Clime Asset Management

At a tech conference recently, we heard from technologists and CEO’s of emerging ASX-listed companies on the edge of developing trends. Hearing them present on the changing landscape is fascinating but also has a way of making one feel uneasy with how new trends could affect investment markets. Two of... Show More

Matt Felsman

For the last few weeks we have been calling the recent market strength as nothing but a short term counter trend rally, forecasting a bearish longer-term road ahead. A great indicator that a short term high is approaching is the recent moves on the CBOE Equity Put/Call ratio. As shown... Show More

Karl Siegling

Australian investors would be well served investing portions of their equity investment portfolio into global equities to take advantage of the fall in the Australian dollar, low iron ore and oil prices and falling interest rates. With these trends in mind, these are some of the domestic and global opportunities... Show More