Richard Rauch

One of the more curious things about World Cup fever infecting the planet is the sudden authority by which previous novices now espouse their views and share colourful commentary on a sport that hasn’t been of interest for the prior three years and 48 weeks. For four sweet weeks every... Show More

Tim Kelley

We recently undertook an analysis to try to better understand the structure and behaviour of the equity market, with a view to identifying cause and effect relationships that drive investment performance. Firstly, we organised the equity market into industry clusters based on similarity of investment performance. This is similar in... Show More

Livewire News

Norman Derham of Elstree has compiled a report showing SMSF investors have out-performed professional managers 9 out of the past 10 years. The relatively unsophisticated SMSF sector has adopted a rather simple approach to asset allocation - simply invest in Australian equities, property and cash. The institutionally advised industry super... Show More

Tom McKay

Quantifying Company Director performance. A new report reveals what we all probably guessed a long time ago... company directors with ''skin in the game'' generally outperform - by a lot. A new report by Macquarie Equities, Board Matters, found that companies that had directors holding stock had better shareholder returns... Show More