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Paul Moore

The last two weeks have been at odds with our expectations – the market has gone into capitulation mode judging by price action and record outflows. The ‘late cycle’ fears have now rolled through to all sectors; the S&P 500 is off 13.1% since its highs in mid-September (as at... Show More

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KKR & Co has been a US-based alternative asset manager since 1976. Now, it's changing. PM Capital Portfolio Manager, John Whelan, explains why KKR & Co. is going through major corporate change and why it may be positive for the company. Show More

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In this 6 minute video CIO Paul Moore discusses how to navigate the changing global interest rate environment. Show More


In this short video we discuss the continued improvement in the US economy and factors that are pointing to a further pickup in activity and potentially higher interest rates. Additionally, we talk about how various industry segments will respond to a rising interest rate environment. Show More