precious metals

Mark Gordon

The current ~$420 million takeover offer by OZ Minerals for ASX listed Brazilian copper miner Avanco Resources should pique the interest of investors in Brazil, a major global producer of a number of commodities with highly prospective geology, but with only a relatively few ASX listed resources companies operating in... Show More

Mark Gordon

Strong investor interest has continued in the junior and mid-cap resources stocks through 2017. Despite a relatively flat first half of the year, the second half has seen a 20-30% increase in the relevant ASX indices on the back of steadily improving metals prices, particularly in the base and battery... Show More

Jordan Eliseo

Precious metals are my primary focus, and short-term I’m neutral with a downside bias, a position unchanged from our pre-Jackson Hole outlook here at ABC Bullion. The greater focus on a potential rate hike in either September or December of 2016 that came out of Jackson Hole reaffirms this view.... Show More

Wilson Asset Management

I believe the gold sector is currently vulnerable to a pull back. The XGD gold index rallied 31.76% in the month of February leaving this sector exposed. The main driver of gold pricing has been volatility in capital markets and we believe this situation will start to stabilize towards the... Show More

David Bassanese

The recent rebound in the price of gold in light of heightened financial market volatility should serve as a reminder to investors of the “safe haven” properties that this precious metal can offer. What’s more, should more central banks resort to negative interest rate policy (NIRP) in the face of... Show More

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

This week gold has reached the lower end of its current range. The news from the currency market is that real money dollar buyers have only just started to react to the recent weakness in EURUSD. Saxo's head of commodity strategy Ole Hansen says that whether this will translate into... Show More

Livewire News

Gold is getting slammed. Gold tumbled below $1200 an ounce on Friday. It's feeling the pain for two reasons: First, gold is often a haven asset, and one that pays investors zero interest. Rising rates (and the potential for them) make yield-bearing assets more attractive by comparison. Secondly, the dollar... Show More

Jordan Eliseo

Great 48 hours for precious metal bulls. In a classic case of sell the rumour, buy the fact, gold prices were quite soft earlier in the week, as talk of a debt ceiling deal saw prices push down toward the USD $1250 range. Once the debt deal was announced though,... Show More