s&p 500

Callum Thomas

Here's 10 charts on the S&P500 covering the short term outlook, medium term earnings outlook, US election, and political risk. Overall a similar conclusion from last week holds i.e. that short-term there remains some risks, but medium term the outlook is positive on the back of improving earnings. Aside from... Show More

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

Will the US Fed hike rates next week despite the warnings of an Emerging Markets crisis? Saxo Capital Markets Asia Macro Strategist Kay Van-Petersen says it will. The main reason, he says, is the strength of the labor market in the United States. Last Friday the Labor Department revealed that... Show More

Nicholas Forsyth

The picture is completing fast, I believe the time is approaching to Move into Cash. Recent volatility in oil, iron ore and gold have chewed up all the attention recently, but in my opinion I think international markets are close to a 15% correction. I read on Bloomberg this morning, that Hedge... Show More