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In a research note, UBS Small Companies Fund managers said they're seeing relative value in small resources. "Some of the top quality small cap industrial stocks have got pretty expensive. Where the unloved resources names are sitting at three times cash flow, others are sitting at 50 times," portfolio manager... Show More

John Robertson

The small end of the resources sector has been showing unusual life. Over three quarters of the stocks making up the small resources share price index were trading above their 15 week moving average on Friday and the majority of stocks in the index were trading above the 52 week... Show More

Glennon Capital

The decline of resource stocks has been well documented over the last few years. The quantum of the fall, however, has been sharper than we believe most investors realise. The Small Resources Accumulation Index has shed close to a staggering 70% over the past three years, and an even worse... Show More

Chris Prunty

My colleague and I fancy ourselves as small cap specialists so one of the interesting features of the market over the past year has been the attempt of small cap resources to get off the floor. The Small Resources Index rallied over 10% 3 times in 2015; in February, April,... Show More

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Markets can be prone to overconfidence at times, and when these ‘certainties’ don’t come to pass the results catch investors off guard. In 2011, markets had priced in never ending growth in Chinese demand for Australian commodities. By the time 2015 rolled around, those investors who had bought into this... Show More