5 Essential Investing Tips for Millennials: How to Start Building Wealth Early

Kent Kwan
Kent Kwan AtlasTrend

Isn’t it time we changed the dialogue around millennials and money? Moved away from berating them for their supposed avocado-eating, latte-sipping, globe-trotting habits and offered some pragmatic strategies for building a sustainable financial future? We certainly think so. It’s why we’ve broken down 5 investing tips for millennials looking for... Show More

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Gold Market Déjà Vu – Why Gold Could be the Commodity Dark Horse of 2018

Gavin Wendt
Gavin Wendt MineLife

There’s an overwhelming sense of déjà vu as far as the gold market is concerned. Two years ago during December 2015, we witnessed the first US Fed rate hike since the 2008 GFC – a 25-basis point increase. This followed years of promises, threats and jawboning by the US Federal... Show More

The 8 big issues for 2018

Craig James
Craig James CommSec

For the past 16 years we have produced “The Big Issues” report – a report that has sought to highlight the issues that are expected to influence the economy over the forthcoming 12 months. Show More

What's driving markets right now?

Clime Asset Management
Clime Asset Management Funds Management & Stock Research

In this article we look at some of the more topical subjects influencing financial markets and analyse a few interesting charts. We start with rising rates – the message being delivered by the Federal Reserve’s Janet Yellen in uncharacteristic straightforward terms. Then we cast an eye over President Trump’s tax... Show More

Telstra's Trump moment

Daniel Mueller
Daniel Mueller Vertium Asset Management

Prior to Telstra's FY17 result, media articles abounded speculating the company was going to announce the securitisation of its recurring NBN payments. The media cited various analyst reports that a securitisation of up to $18 billion was about to create a capital management bonanza for shareholders. Show More

It's just one bad week in a bull market

Marcus Padley
Marcus Padley Marcus Today

As usual with a big fall you can analyse the overnight news and debate whether the drop is warranted, but when it comes to a free market that rides on sentiment the answer is not whether the market should fall 274 points because the National Economic Council director is going... Show More

sentiment us macro Trump trending

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6 catalysts for volatility, and how to play it

Fred Woollard
Fred Woollard Samuel Terry Asset Management

Implied volatility is now trading at record lows across a variety of asset classes, especially in US equities. This means that option markets are priced in the belief that the economic and political outlook in America and the world is as stable as it has been for more than 25... Show More

options fed trading risk volatility vix us Trump

Clients picked the gold rally!

Jordan Eliseo
Jordan Eliseo ABC Bullion

Gold has been getting a lot of good press lately, with the escalation of tensions on the Korean peninsula seeing the yellow metal push back toward USD $1290oz, whilst in local currency terms we are back above AUD $1630oz. Show More

gold usd aud korea Trump

Political populism and the markets

Paul Hennessy
Paul Hennessy Capital Group

Populism hit the headlines a year ago when the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU), and it has cast a shadow over many political events since then. My colleague, political economist Talha Khan, discusses what could be in store for Europe, considers the effects on the US with... Show More

The key market risk right now

Etienne Alexiou
Etienne Alexiou Belay Capital

Let's first consider the broader global economic environment, in particular, the macro drivers of a “globally co-ordinated” gradual improvement in economies which are continuing to evolve. The primary driver of markets, at this point in time, is globally accommodative monetary policy, which underpins economic expansion and the rise in financial... Show More

12 trade ideas from Sohn New York

Alex Cowie
Alex Cowie Livewire Markets

The Sohn Investment Conference was held in NYC earlier this week. Bloomberg summarised the twelve trade ideas put forward by the market luminaries presenting, including Jeffrey Gundlach from DoubleLine Capital’s call to short the S+P500 and go long the iShares EM ETF, levered 100%. Show More

emerging markets tesla Trump frontier untied airlines dhx media

Navigating industrials after the ‘Trump trade’

Patrik Sjöblom
Patrik Sjöblom Bell Asset Management

Since the day before the US Presidential Elections on 8 November 2016 until 31 March 2017, MSCI World Industrials has returned 12.8% in AUD-terms, outperforming MSCI World by 0.9ppt. Analysing stocks and sub sectors within Industrials, we conclude that this has not been a ‘junk rally’ driven by the low-profitability... Show More

Will rising interest rates hamper infrastructure stocks?

Magellan Asset Management Limited

Portfolio Manager Gerald Stack discusses whether or not rising interest rates will hamper infrastructure stocks, why he insulates the portfolio from changes in the oil price and why he has reduced his cash holding, of late. Show More

interest rates infrastructure oil price cash rates Trump ASX:MICH

US construction has a spring in its step

Nikko Asset Management Australia

The outlook for US construction looks positive, with housing continuing to move back towards mid-cycle levels, and commercial activity potentially increasing as business sentiment improves. There also appears to be a greater degree of certainty around infrastructure investment than there has been for some time. With finance headwinds having long... Show More

Is North Korea an Investment Risk?

Dr. Mary Manning
Dr. Mary Manning Ellerston Asian Investments

Korea is the epicentre of escalating geopolitical tensions between the US, China and North Korea yet the KOSPI Index is near all-time highs. EAI analyst Eric Fong recently visited Seoul and the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). The cosmetics and travel sectors remain poor risk/reward while the technology sector continues to offer... Show More

Five risks to this long bull market

Magellan Asset Management Limited

Hamish Douglass, the CEO, CIO and Lead Portfolio Manager (Global), discusses why capital preservation is important, gives his five biggest risks for global markets and explains why he is cautiously optimistic about President Donald Trump’s pro-growth. Show More

5 top wires in March

Alex Cowie
Alex Cowie Livewire Markets

March has flown by, so in case you missed anything, I’ve summarized five of the top wires we published on Livewire this month. These include: Our review of Hamish Douglass’ presentation; the Buyside Brief we ran on the most important charts today; what Peter Lynch taught Fidelity about Facebook; Buy... Show More

Is Trump heading straight for impeachment?

Livewire News
Livewire News Livewire

About 46% of Americans who responded to a Public Policy Polling survey last month believe Trump should be impeached, and at least three congressional Democrats have called for impeachment proceedings. Reasons for impeachment include: Trump’s failure to divest from his businesses; Investigations into associations with Russia by Trump or his... Show More

politics Trump

Why is volatility so low?

Simon Doyle
Simon Doyle Schroders

It is widely acknowledged that the outlook for economies and markets is unusually uncertain, given the huge political changes that we are witnessing globally. It is also widely acknowledged that most assets are expensive and priced to offer sub-normal prospective returns. Why then is volatility (the VIX) so low? History... Show More

debt inflation politics volatility vix Trump

US is going higher - Momentum has taken over

Richard Coppleson
Richard Coppleson Bell Potter

The US is going higher. We cannot ignore what we are seeing: momentum has taken over. Trump’s speech (where all you could hear was clapping & standing ovations all through it) will absolutely kill the bears. They have been talking about this speech being the “trigger”, but it wasn’t and... Show More

us economy Trump