Stuart Roberts

Are you bullish on New Zealand at the moment? If you are, you ought to check out what's going on in the country's emerging Life Sciences scene. This is the country that created Fisher & Paykel Healthcare as well as the A2 Milk Company, and, as Xero has shown us, is pretty good at technology. New Zealand has tended to lag Australia and other leading Life Science powers such as the US, the UK and Germany in terms of capitalising on its inherent Life Science potential, but I argue that that is about to change, because the pool of venture capital is getting bigger. In the meantime there are a number of interesting Life Science companies from New Zealand traded on ASX worth looking at. Both Innate Immunotherapeutics and Living Cell Technologies will read out important Phase II data probably in the next 12-18 months. Meanwhile AFT Pharmaceuticals has big growth plans for the next two years. And Volpara Health Technologies is rapidly growing its user base. For my analysis of New Zealand and the Life Sciences visit (VIEW LINK)


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