Carlos Cobelas

if only we could all live and invest for 120 years....

Stewart Firth

Thanks, a timely reminder to look at the big picture

Jerome Lander

To get genuine diversification and better return prospects investors need to look outside simply being long mainstreams bonds and equities, which are all potentially highly correlated in a crisis now and all priced off those miniscule bond yields. Simply extrapolating a very favourable time in history misleads and doesn't give justice to the fact that the world is probably nearing the very end of a long term debt cycle and entering a time of great disruption and change. Even during the favourable time investors should have experienced in recents years, many mainstream providers provided subpar returns for their investors. These traditional product providers are very likely to fail again and do even worse in future as investing gets harder, not easier - this is especially so given they don't appreciate what has changed and are still promoting the same old investment approach regardless of future prospects.

A. Ozaydin

Only if AMP could have performed as wisely as Shane's advice-Is it a case of "Do what I say but don't do what I do"? I lost money on three occasions on AMP every time I thought an organization that harbors wise heads like Shane could not possibly go wrong and I was proven wrong. I am not sure if I could touch AMP a fourth time.

Ben Wadley

Great article Shane. Can you or anyone else here recommend the better news services when it comes to investment information and updates?

Hamish Kirkpatrick

Great article

Steven Kim Moore

Keep calm, and Rock on! "We're entereing hyperinflation!" "No, deflation!" "The Fed is printing money like there's no tommorow!" "The Fed is prohibited by law from printing money!" - Noise, yes you are right, Sir. I think the best is yes, diversification but keep observing; giving a go to the assets showing promise but weeding out the non-performers. Study primary sources (Company reports, Government announcements, etc) but give the soothsayers a miss ...