investing strategy

Zach Riaz

At the start of every year we publish our Equity Strategy Key Themes report, which as the name suggest discusses the key themes our team believes will impact asset prices and our equities portfolios over the coming 12 months. Within this report we also nominate a bucket of stocks (typically... Show More

James Gerrish

We use derivatives across the majority of our portfolios to improve performance and / or to reduce portfolio volatility. They help us consistently beat the market over time and improve the overall flexibility within our portfolios. We are almost entirely ‘sellers’ of options, and the bulk of our transactions are... Show More

May 2017 has pushed equity indices in Australia back to levels last seen in March and February, erasing in full the April advance, but as has been the case on so many occasions in years past, face value index movements are not telling the full story of what is happening... Show More

Expert Insights

Ben Griffiths, Portfolio Manager at Eley Griffiths, says that while investors must be across company specific fundamentals, it is equally important not to lose sight of the big picture. In this short video he shares his assessment of the current ‘big picture’ and how it will influence local shares. We’ve always... Show More

Callum Thomas

Here's the latest weekly S&P500 #ChartStorm. In this edition I include a broad mix of charts with some flagging bearish signals, and others presenting a more bullish case. They include: 50-day moving average breadth, an interesting analog chart, a couple of views of investor sentiment, the implications of the CBOE... Show More

It has become a popular observation: investors are paying up for solid, predictable and reliable growth alongside growing dividends. You know, those stocks that don't seem to have any bad days, unlike the resources, the banks and the cyclicals. As I have been arguing since 2008, the new context of... Show More