Jason Zweig from The Wall Street Journal recently spoke with author, professor, and Nobel Memorial Prize winner Daniel Kahneman, for a brief but interesting interview. In sharing the interview, Zweig has also dipped into his extensive archive of prior interviews and articles – enough to keep even the most ardent Kahneman fan busy. If you’ve not heard of Daniel Kahneman, Zweig introduces him well: “In this age of instantaneous information, any of us can find out almost everything there is to know about any stock. Why, then, have so many of us lately earned the worst returns of our lives? Because information is useless if we misinterpret it or let emotions warp our judgment. Kahneman’s research throws us a lifeline that can save us from our own self-defeating behaviour.” In addition to the short, new interview, you’ll also find an 80-minute-long interview from 2012, and an extensive written article: (VIEW LINK)