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People often ask Steve Johnson, ‘what’s your edge? What do you do differently that allows you to outperform?’ His answer is straightforward: “we don’t have a big team, we don’t have an informational edge, we are not smarter than the people we compete against.” What they can do though, is... Show More

Alvise Peggion

For those who fear flying, facts and statistics are likely of little help. But flying has become a lot safer over the decades. The number of incidents for every one million departures has fallen from 50 in the 1960s to less than one in 2016. Show More

The iconic value investor, and CEO of $27 billion hedge fund Baupost, Seth Klarman, has lived and breathed markets for 35 years. Today he’s nervous. Here are 6 warnings from him that you should keep in mind when investing today. Show More

Pie Funds

If you’ve ever walked away from a property auction shaking your head in disbelief, you will know that emotions can get the better of investors. As rational as we may be, greed and fear are a powerful force that can hijack even the best-laid plans - “I won’t pay more... Show More

Patrick Poke

Jason Zweig from The Wall Street Journal recently spoke with author, professor, and Nobel Memorial Prize winner Daniel Kahneman, for a brief but interesting interview. In sharing the interview, Zweig has also dipped into his extensive archive of prior interviews and articles – enough to keep even the most ardent... Show More

Patrick Poke

I read Howard Marks’ “The Most Important Thing” last year and it really resonated with me. Lots of books teach you how to 'do' investing, but Marks teaches how to think about investing. One of the key messages that’s stuck with me has been that achieving outperformance isn’t easy; it... Show More

AMP Capital

In the upside-down world logic that applies to much of investing, there are a bunch of mistakes investors often make which makes it harder for them to reach their financial goals. Many of the mistakes investors make are based on common sense rules of thumb that turn out to be... Show More