Urs Wietlisbach, Partner & Co-Founder of Partners Group, recently met with investors to discuss the proposed listing of the Partners Group Global Income Strategy (LIT). It is the first time a global private debt fund has been made available on the ASX. In this short video he outlines what he believes are four of the key benefits that the LIT will offer to investors. Aside from offering income of RBA Cash + 4% p.a., paid monthly, Urs explains that the new vehicle will also play a defensive role for investors.

“Having debt only in Australia is risky because you have a very particular economy. It is very much dependent on commodities and on China. With our program, because it is global, you have much less risk because the economic downturns might be different in different countries at different times.”

Watch the short video to learn more about the Partners Group Global Income Strategy.

Key benefits

1. Floating rates

2. Diversification by country and also across hundreds of companies

3. Regular monthly income of at least RBA Cash + 4%

4. Access the same investments as institutional investors in an ASX listed vehicle

For more information about the Partners Group Global Income Strategy visit their website